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Fire away!

M. and I have been overwhelmed with the love and support that is coming from everywhere right now.  We have some amazing people in our lives and we are so fortunate that Peanut will have you all for guidance as he grows into a strong, intelligent, and compassionate man.  I have placed his picture into my antique locket and I wear it daily.  It brings me a sense of relief and inspiration to stare at the little oval cut out of his heart shaped face and big baby feet with those crazy wiggly toes.

Over the course of the past few days we have gotten many, many questions.  I hope to answer or at least address them all for you, so I am giving you the opportunity to ask away.  I will start with a few of the basics below.

1.  When are you able to go and get him? We *hope* we will be able to travel in February.  The estimated wait to travel is between 12 -16 weeks from referral.  This part is currently out of our control.  Heck, has any part of this been in our control??  Before we can go and get him we have to be assigned a court date, clear court (court legally declares him our son), receive a copy of his birth certificate, and be assigned a travel date.

2.  How will you manage the wait to go and get him? One of the joys of not being pregnant is that you can consume alcohol.  What, you think I am kidding??  OK, it may be a toss up between alcohol & peanut m&m’s.  I will also be finishing all the knit items I have now declared part of his wardrobe.  Work. The nursery needs to be set up. Work. I need to master Amharic.  Work. Sleep. Work. Spend money on myself.  Work. Watch every piece of footage that includes President Elect Obama (this still makes me giddy).  Read parenting books. You get the picture, I will try to stay busy.

3.  Are you going to keep his name? Heck yeah, that IS his name.  No questions asked.  I could not change my Cabbage Patch doll’s name back in kindergarden (umm, it was JOYCE  – who names a doll Joyce??), so why would anyone assume I would be able to change the oh-so-fitting name that belongs to my child.  As I said before, his name means “gift.”  His name is also Hadiyan, representative of one of Ethiopia’s many ethnic tribes.  When my Oromo co-workers hear of or see his name a few have identified it as Hadiyan before I inform them so.  Even though I am his mother, I could not take this away from him.

4.  Where is he right now? Currently Peanut is in Addis Ababa at the CHSFS-ET Care Center.  He is being cared for by some wonderful nannies who are providing excellent care and lots of love.  Prior to arriving in Addis Ababa, Peanut was at a care center located in Hossana, the administrative capital of the Hadiyan Zone.

5.  Are you able to send him new clothes? I get this one a lot. For those of you who have not seen his photo, he is wearing a boyish outfit that is obviously a little large for his 6 pound body.  He will grow into those clothes people.  He is little right now.  But yes, we are sending him some boyishly appropriate outfits that are suited for his wee little body.

6.  Where are the pictures & what is his name? No pictures & no name until we clear court.  Period.  This is on the advice of our adoption agency and we are not ones to break the rules – especially when it comes to our kid.

7.  What do you know about his family? Any information regarding his adoption case and background remains out of the realm of discussion on a public blog.  I absolutely understand the curiosity and respect it. People ask not out of judgment but rather out of concern, compassion, and a desire to understand what had to be a very difficult decision.  For his sake I respect and honor that this is his story to learn before others know of it and it remains his to share when and if he is ready.  That being said, don’t be afraid to ask me questions.  I will definitely answer many & most questions, but if there is something I choose to not answer don’t be offended.

So, what else do you want to know?  Ask away below or e-mail me if you are comment shy.  I know I have at least a dozen readers who are interested in ethiopian adoption so your questions are also helping them learn about the process.

Thanks again to all for your love and support.  Peanut already has a huge fan club. We are saving all of your kind words and responses for him to read through later in his life.

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