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Court Date!

So we have a court date of January 28th.  Yeah!

At our court date, Peanut will legally become our son after a judge in Ethiopia decides it so at a hearing on the 28th.  This begins the process of getting the required paperwork so we can travel to pick him up and bring him home.

Just so you get an idea of the process, I am copying a section from an e-mail I received notifying us of our court date:

Hooray! We received word from our staff in Ethiopia that your case has tentatively been assigned a court date of January 28, 2009.

It is important to note that court dates can be postponed, or delayed at any time, for a variety of reasons. J. will keep you apprised of any new information that we feel may affect the progress of your case.

Also, we don’t always hear how court went immediately — it may take us a few days after the 28th until we hear whether your case was decided or rescheduled.  J. will notify you of the outcome of the hearing within a few business days.

Regarding travel, we are hoping, hoping, hoping that we are able to travel 4 weeks after our court date.  Nothing in this process has been shorter than the time we have been quoted, but I am willing to be hopeful.  While sending us hope, we could use some directed in the way of passing court the first time.

Pictures of the nursery will come – soon, I promise.  Right now it is a mess with all of the stuff that has been graciously passed on to us in piles between set up furniture, a ladder, and a chair moved from the spot the balsam pine is currently occupying in our living room.  When I am off work over the Christmas holiday I intend to finish the curtains and crib skirt and then there will be something worth viewing.

Can I appease you with a pic of Matisse giving me the evil eye as I make him try on one of Peanut’s hats from his hand knit collection?  I also added a picture of some of the contents we sent Peanut in his care package.



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We just returned from picking up the baby furniture: a crib, changing table, and dresser.  Mind you, my child has better bedroom furniture than we do.  His set MATCHES and was purchased at a store.  Ours came from the alley a.k.a. dumpster dive specials, hand-me-downs, and the craftsman skills of M. who made the platform bed after we discovered our standard box would not fit up the stairs.

Just to show Peanut how much he is loved, Daddy took the “good car” to pick up the furniture.  He didn’t even cringe out loud when the loader touched the ceiling of the car with the box as he shoved it in (although he was awfully silent on the way home and I am certain he was thinking about it).  I, the impulsive and irrational one in this twosome, wanted to bring it in and set it up and marvel. Right now.  Tonight.  Who cares if it is a work night.  In fact, I didn’t care if it took us all night becasue it would be fun and exciting and yea!  We could go to Perkins at 4 am and it wold be like the good old times with my mushroom and cheese omelet, hashbrowns and the pancakes. M., my bi-polar opposite, announced he would set it up this weekend.

THIS WEEKEND????  No freaking way.  I have waited 5 years for this and I am not waiting 4 more days.

So we compromised by removing it from the boxes.  The dresser was already put together so that was a bonus for me.  Ahem, I forgot to mention that all the furniture in our room had to be assembled.  The crib will be easy to put together although we still don’t have a mattress for it.  The changing table, now that is a funny story…

As I opened the box that confined the changing table the first piece I pulled out was the top that had the straps attached to hold the child in place.  It struck me as kind of funny because all I could think of was one of those medical stabilization boards you see on ships and near water for folks who jump in and break their necks or something like that.  Why that is funny, I have no idea, but I guess it was not what I was expecting.  Since we were on a comedic roll already you can imagine the conversation below that followed was even funnier than it reads here:

Me:  Ha! Ha! Ha!

M.: What is that for?

Me: It is so you can strap him in and he won’t roll off?

M.:  Do what?  That is so stupid?

Me: Well it is better than him ROLLING ONTO THE FLOOR or moving around a lot.

M.: You mean they move?

Me: Yes, M., babies move.  He is a human, you know, not a robot with an on/off switch.

M.:  Still I am not using that.

See, not very funny, perhaps you needed his facial expression.  Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery in the next week or two.

And, thanks Mom, for the crib.

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Peanut is growing!

We got a growth report on Peanut and he put on an entire Kg in 1 month! That is a whopping 25% increase in body weight!  His current weight, as of yesterday, is 4.05 Kg or 8 pounds 9 ounces.  Some of his increase was in the inch he added to his length and the .5 cm to his head circumference so I am not certain if he is adding some chub to those long skinny legs from his referral photo just yet.

No new pictures, but I am at least glad to hear our little one is getting enough to eat!

A side note of luck and chance….A friend that we made through this process just received a referral for a little boy who is about Peanut’s same age (2 weeks younger) and size.  Chances are good that our little guys are hanging out together in Addis.  It is such a gift that they will be able to share that bond now and throughout their lives, and that their mommies will have some time to unwind together during play dates!

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