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You may have noticed that I finally got with all you super-fab-bloggers and added Flickr to my sidebar.

Can you tell we added another baby purchase to the list? A nice camera has been on our list for a bit now, but thanks to years of savings bond gifts from the good old grandma & grandpa k. it was justified. (dear cousins, I wage a contest with you all to see who forgot saved these for this long)  We just returned from a much needed vacation to visit my parents cabin and then spend a week on the North Shore with M.’s family so the shots you see there now are just a sampling of the 834 I managed to take.

One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is to treasure hunt my way through the antique shops these small towns host.  This trips treasures are featured below:

Each of these items has a story to tell.  The Cat Stevens album, for example, was purchased at a rock & gun shop for a mere buck.  I was lured into the shop by a potential glance at Thompsonite and spied the basket of dejected albums on the floor.  We had a good chuckle imagining the possibilities of how Yusuf’s vintage 1971 treasure got there.  To the lower left quadrant is a menage of vintage jewelry.  Among these three treasures is this, a locket.

I have been searching for a locket to hold our referral photo.  I found some dull gold chain today and will have my neighbor the jewelry maker attach clasps at a length that will leave it nestled against my bosom.

Rather than rush back to work right after returning from a relaxing, internet free week, I decided to take the day off and do as I please.  Basically this means listening to Kate Nash over and over again, sporatically knitting, having an ice cream sundae for lunch, and looking at all my pic’s.  I did wander out to my backyard and noticed the treasures that appeared here at home while I was enjoying beauty elsewhere.  I leave you with a few of those shots.

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Can you tell from the lack of posting that there has been a lack of news on the baby front?  We passed 6 7 8 months of waiting and may soon add 9 to that growing list. Ugh.

I feel rather conflicted about complaining about waiting. I am waiting for a much yearned for child, but another mother is mourning the loss of her child as she knows them. My waiting is anticipatory, her waiting is an attempt to savor the last few moments she will be able to stroke her little ones head. I hate that I am rushing her moment to get mine. Every time I sit down to scroll out a whiny waiting post, I give this disclaimer and get no further. Not only do I become lost in contemplation, but any complaining I have to do seems rather selfish.

So, let me say it once and perhaps never again. Waiting sucks. I hate it. I want to know of my child right now. I want then home with us. I want to start making memories with them.

Now, rather that try to switch gears, I am going to just draft another post.

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