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Awaken from blogless sleep

It has been almost a month since my last post.  Little has changed on the adoption front – still continuing to wait.  We did turn in our I600A (Advance Petition for Orphan Processing) and were notified via mail of our biometrics appointment on January 8th.  Once that is completed it will be a long wait until we hear anything new.

To pass the time I find myself scouring Ethiopian Adoption Blogs and staring longingly at recently adopted children. They are beautiful and I stalk them with a loving adoration. I am obsessed with learning about families first meetings and get a little teary eyed when I hear their story.  Most often it goes like this….arrived at Guest House, slept, woke up and went to Care Center, met child.  People seem to have few words to describe what I am picturing as one of the most eventful moments of my life.  Why do these matter of fact stories make me tear up?  Perhaps I am projecting myself on an others experience, but it seems as if there is just more to the story than that parent is able to tell.  I can already imagine how I will be feeling; the experience itself will open a Pandora’s box of anticipation, love, closure, excitement, fear, new beginnings, and well just about anything you can stick a label on.  In anticipation I seek to prepare myself for that which is unpredictable.

In addition to stalking, I decided to pass the time by training for another marathon.  The training schedule I used for the last marathon was 18 weeks, and for those of you not marking up every calendar in your home with our wait time calculations, I will spell it out for you.

We started our official 6 – 9 month wait on November 16th, 2007.  The marathon I am soon starting to train for is on May 17th, 2008.  For those of you still not following, that is almost 6 months to the day from our dossier submission.  Once I complete my May 17th marathon, we are in the current projected window of referral time.  Only after that day will change my response to the question, “when will you find out more about your baby?” from early summer to ANY DAY NOW.  Those three words will only be trumped by, “our travel date is _____.”

Now that 2008 is fast approaching and we most likely experienced our last Christmas without gifts to a specific human child under our tree, I hope to post more. 

Hold me to it…really.  BTW, my other site has succumbed to a post-less existence.

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