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Our journey begins today.

Today we laid out the paperwork on our table. What stands between us and our baby now is a few hundred sheets of paper, a home study, a dossier, and an ocean. Time cannot pass fast enough. We are excited and scared, but mostly excited. So much to do, so much uncertainty, so little we can do. Not a good formula for two over achieving control freaks.

The paperwork will be done this evening and the fingerprints tomorrow morning. The reference letter writers, three dear and loving friends, have been contacted. We have a few things to notarize, but the packet will be ready to mail out in a few short days. Then we begin the waiting.

The first step is to attend the 2 day adoption education class. Once our application is processed and the initial payments are made we will be contacted and scheduled. I am hoping it will be early this fall, though, our schedule is already filling up. After the class we will start the home study and gather documents for the dossier. I want to start it all now, but we have to finish the steps in sequential order.

To help pass the time, I went to Peapods to look at baby stuff. Most of the stuff there was overwhelming. After 4 years of infertility treatments it is hard to switch gears and come to the realization that we will have a baby in our lives in the next year. Cloth diapers, clothes, and toys are too real and I am not there yet. I did leave with a CD of African Lullabies. One of the songs, an Ethiopian lullaby, was the inspiration for this blog – the lyrics are in the sidebar to the right.

This is real. It is happening. We are going to be parents. Wow.


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